Help pages for Necker

Create a booking
Posted by Tom Roberts.

Designed with you in mind, creating a booking couldn't be easier! Visit the Bookings Portal website and login Create an account. Create your first booking! View your new booking. ...

Sending Appointment Invites
Posted by Tom Roberts.

Easy as pie! Just click the "Send Invites" button, enter the Name, email address and role (optional but useful) of the candidate and hit Submit. An email will be sent with a unique link to choose a slot! The popup will stay open so you can keep adding people. When you're done, simply click Close...

Adding Appointment Slots
Posted by Tom Roberts.

Adding appointment slots is easy! Just login to the members portal, click onto the Appointments tab and click "Create Slots". You will see this popup: Enter the number of slots you'd like to create, the total length of each slot (including any breaks) and the location of the meeting. Then enter the date and time of the first slot. Confirm the details and click Submit. Your slots will then appear on the calendar ready for you to send out invites....

Logging In
Posted by Tom Roberts.

Logging in is easy, you just have to go to the members portal and login to the site! If you have forgotten your password there is no need to worry, you can easily reset it by clicking the "forgotten password" link underneath the form. It will prompt you to enter your email address which was used when your account was created...